Uber introduces new on-trip report tool for passenger safety and feedback

Passenger safety and peace of mind are very important to companies such as Uber or Lyft. Neowin has brought to our attention a new feature that Uber announced today, a report tool where you can report safety incidents or other complaints during the trip. This option is specifically for non-urgent issues.Uber’s research shows that passengers are not likely to report everything that bothered them if the feedback is done after the ride, especially if it’s something insignificant, mainly because people forget or are distracted by other situations.

However, for Uber, it’s very important to receive feedback from its users, so it has created this new feedback possibility. To report a safety incident, you can tap the blue shield icon, called the Safety Toolkit, and look for the option to “report safety issue”. You are encouraged to report everything that bothers you, even situations such as the driver making inappropriate remarks or harsh braking.

If the issue is urgent, riders, as well as drivers, can call 911, again from the blue shield menu.

Uber states that the additional reporting channel is necessary as through analyzing every piece of feedback, the company can work towards better security, making the platform safer for everyone.

Source: www.phonearena.com

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