Twitter wants to show fake news with an orange warning

Twitter is testing a new feature that will identify misleading news, fake news and bogus statements by public and political figures through a color that does not go unnoticed.

twitter fake news

All messages considered fake will be highlighted in orange or red, so as to immediately make it clear to the user that it could be an untruthful news or declaration. If the text is successful, Twitter will enable this news starting from March 5th.

The company he confirmed that, at the moment, this feature is only in the testing phase and that it is not available for all users, but apparently there should be no doubt about a massive distribution starting from March 5. Twitter has indeed said that its first target right now is to fight disinformation, and to do this you need to use simple and immediate tools to understand. In recent days, Twitter had already prohibited deepfakes and other types of fake news on its platform.

With this new feature, misleading news, fake news and bogus statements from public and political figures will be highlighted with a nice orange or red color, so as to immediately understand the nature of that post.

During the test, various contents were highlighted in orange, such as a tweet on the informants of the minority leader of the Chamber Kevin McCarthy, another tweet on the arms controls by Senator Bernie Sanders and a tweet with fake videos on the leader of the majority of the Camera, Nancy Pelosi.

It is no coincidence that, a few months after the US presidential elections, Twitter is moving to avoid any abuse and manipulation of news on its platform.



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