Twitter is also testing its “Stories”

The users of the applications related to the Facebook universe will know the stories well, or the timed posts that can include videos, photos, text and much more. Well it seems that Twitter is also about to propose its own version of the “stories”.

Twitter Fleet

As reported by Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter product lead, lto function “Fleet”Is currently being tested by the well-known social network and basically introduces the possibility of timing your Tweets. In short, using the Fleet function it will be possible to create a Tweet with text, images, videos or anything else it will remain visible for 24 hours.

The functionality is currently available only for some users in Brazil but soon the roll-out will be extended to other users as well, until the progressive release of the new functionality for all in the face of the positive test result.

The function is certainly not revolutionary, but it could undoubtedly prove interesting to share some content without necessarily going to occupy a fixed place within our timeline.


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