Travel tips and editorial content on Apple Maps

A new job announcement published by Apple suggests that the company is working to provide travel advice and other editorial content on Maps.

Apple is indeed to search of an “Product Manager – Maps, Writer / Editor“Who will have to work in the offices of Culver City in California to”help build and grow a new category of content for the Apple Maps team“.

The announcement then reads that Apple Maps may have taken to offer editorial content cared for travelers and explorers of new places. This content will help users to “explore the world“, Given that Apple notes that today the Maps application is no longer used only for navigation from one point to another, but also to obtain a lot of other information.

The candidate must be a passionate and travel writer: “… must have an insatiable curiosity for discovering new places and a high passion for telling the world in an engaging way“. The candidate will also have to “learn about food, travel and shopping trends“.

This means that Apple wants to work on new editorial content that will be present in Maps. Google Maps already offers small editorial content in local guides, but Apple would like to create something more in-depth.

Currently, Apple integrates Siri Smart to present Maps users with a list of “favorites” that are frequently visited. Users can also manually save their favorite locations to a “Collections” tab. The service includes Yelp ratings for nearby restaurants and shops, but does not include recommendations from Apple staff.

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