Tim Cook to Chinese users: “We are with you”

Apple CEO Tim Cook has released a new post on Weibo to express its closeness to the Chinese population affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

tim cook weibo

Weibo it is the most widespread and used social network in China, used only rarely by Tim Cook. The Apple CEO has decided to publish the post on this platform, to express his solidarity and support for the Chinese population.

As we welcome our employees and customers again, we are working alongside our production partners to resume operations as safely and consistently as possible while maintaining our commitment to all the communities we are part of in China. Apple has doubled donations to support immediate relief in the country. We are with you.

As for Apple, the worst seems to have passed since the company has reopened 17 stores and gradually resumed production activities.

In recent days, Tim Cook had already written a letter to Apple employees to inform them of the company’s situation in China.


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