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The outbreak of coronavirus that has spread to many countries in recent weeks, but which has its origin in China, is the culprit of numerous delays in the manufacture of Apple devices. This slowdown is also causing sales to decrease, which evidently translates to lower revenues. Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, has talked about it in a recent interview.

Tim Cook downplays losses due to coronavirus

Many industries, not just technology, are being indirectly affected by the Covid-19 originated in Wuham. Beyond data such as the rate of infected and their mortality, as well as advances in research to find a vaccine, we are witnessing numerous delays in the production and exports of China. This is largely due to the health alert that prevents the normal development of the daily routine of the factories.

Apple already reported several weeks ago that it would suffer a small decline in your quarterly income because of this coronavirus and in recent days it has been Tim Cook who has returned to the subject in an interview granted to Fox business. The Alamedans wanted to show peace of mind by stating that the company has long-term and not short-term views, a period in which losses are estimated. For cook “There is no difference between what happened four weeks ago and what happens now.” He also stated that he sees a future “very bright” in this sense.

tim cook

In recent weeks some sources said that Apple is taking as a strategy the transfer from its factories to countries near China such as India or Taiwan. When asked about this, Cook has said that devices such as the iPhone and others are not only made up of pieces from one country but from many. He also showed that the steps taken by Apple are not very large, but that these are small changes with which to adjust to the problems that arise.

The CEO also reviewed other hot topics of the company such as the possibility of opening stores in new markets such as India or the strange relationship he has with US President Donald Trump. In short, and focusing on the coronavirus issue, it seems that Cook wants to show investors calm about what might happen in the current quarter. It is evident that there will be a slowdown in the figures, but surely they will try to amend it in coming months with new releases such as the already rumored iPhone 9 and other products such as the renewal of the Mac and a possible new Apple TV.

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