Tim Cook relies on China to curb the impact of the coronavirus

There is no day that we do not have any news related to the outbreak of coronavirus named Covid-19 and that it is related to technology. Something very important happens on this subject and it is that China is as many media say “the factory of the world” and when this stops as it is happening right now for some reason, the big technological and non-technological companies that have their main production and assembly lines tremble there.

In a recent interview conducted to Apple CEO Tim Cook, through the middle Fox business, the head of the company explained that he is fully confident that China will be able to contain the impact of the virus over the next few weeks and months. The key phrase to define these words was the following:

I understand that China is putting the coronavirus under control and continues to struggle to contain contagion among people. If we look at the latest official figures we realize that the outbreak is being controlled and the number of people affected is falling day by day. I feel very optimistic in this regard.

What is clear is that the impact that the stop of companies in the country can have is great worldwide and not only Apple receives this blow, as we say at the beginning all the big companies have their factories there, so it is a bad for everyone. Covid-19 figures are devastating and since it was discovered last December it has already infected more than 82,000 people and killed 2,800 worldwide, logically these figures are negative, especially because of the number of fatalities that is causing this outbreak of coronavirus.

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