They steal an iPad and have a fatal accident while being chased with “Find My”

Robbery accident

The news related to thieves and Apple devices are daily, but in this case two thieves chased by Melbourne police in the city have a tragic end with a strong accident.

The “Find My” application that is “Search” on the iPad he was constantly keeping thieves located and the police were chasing them around the city. At one point in the chase, the driver Vaatoa Chang, 29, and his buddy Jonas Montealegre, 36, change their stolen car when they realize that the police are chasing them with the helicopter.

This application is installed as standard on Apple devices and is being very effective in detecting theft of iPhone, iPad, Mac and others. The only problem is that if the terminal is turned off it leaves only the last known position, something that Apple should try to solve simply not allowing the device to turn off when the user activates the option to track in the “Search” app Either for loss or theft.

In any case and leaving aside the options that can be implemented to improve this function, two thieves lost their lives in an accident while being chased by the police. On this occasion two thieves who were being chased by the city center for stealing an iPad and several cars, came performing illegal maneuvers and through the “Search” app the authorities were on their heels.

In one of these the maneuver went wrong and quite expensive since the two thieves crashed fatally with a truck at about 100 km / h after skipping a red light, according to police sources, and they died instantly. The “Search” app can be very useful for these thefts and it allows you to follow the devices from any place offering the position quite accurately, but as we always say it is best to let the authorities perform the search since we never know what we We will find.

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