The Supreme Court confirms: Apple will have to pay $ 439 million to VirnetX

The United States Supreme Court rejected Apple’s request and confirmed the payment of $ 439 million in favor of VirnetX for infringement of some patents.


The judges of the Supreme Court of the United States they didn’t admit Apple’s appeal, which asked to review the sentence because it was considered too high. Cupertino’s attorneys had indeed claimed that $ 439 million they were an “excessively unfair” figure that had to be changed on appeal.

Recall that, in April 2018, Apple was found guilty to have violated four VirnetX patents relating to secure communications and to FaceTime, VPN and iMessage.

On the high compensation front, Apple’s petition claimed that damages should be limited to the value of the patented invention, rather than to all other features of the products in question. In short, the prize for VirnetX it should be based on the value of its patent within the products accused of using it, rather than on the full value of an iPhone or Mac.

In this particular case, VirnetX has been accused of using several variable rate patent licenses, which were then brokered to create a rate assigned by the jury for all Apple products ever sold. These licenses also included some landline phones, a product category that does not apply to Apple.

Still, Apple claimed that the patent infringement convictions are legally incorrect and seriously unjust.

However, the Supreme Court has not admitted these oppositions.


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