The supplier of the cameras of the iPhone, closes by detecting an infected by the coronavirus


The coronavirus continues to speak and continues to affect world production and therefore, the financial results of companies that focus their production in China, such as Apple. However, now that the coronavirus has begun to jump borders, the problem for companies can be even worse.

LG Innotek, the division of LG that is responsible for manufacturing iPhone cameras, has just announced that temporarily closes the factory that manufactures iPhone cameras, when an infection by the coronavirus is detected among its template. This factory is not located in China, but in South Korea.

As we can read in Reurters, the factory closed its facilities last weekend and will remain closed throughout this week. while a decontamination process is carried out, process that will end next week. In addition, all employees will have to undergo tests to see if they have been exposed to the coronavirus through the infected employee.

The first symptoms of coronavirus take 14 days to appear, so it is more than likely, if LG wants to heal in health, the factory remains closed for the next 14 days to prevent more employees who may have been exposed, infect other colleagues.

The process of assembling the different pieces that are part of the iPhone, begins in mid-summer, to be ready during September, the month in which they are officially presented. The problem for Apple is that during these months, it is when the programming of the manufacturing process is carried out by the engineers, a process that they have been forced to delay and that could affect the launch of the iPhone 12, or its availability initially during its launch.

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