The Shadow app, the nine video game service similar to Stadia, removed from the App Store


Streaming music services have become the most used method to consume music, which in turn has allowed reduce piracy to levels never seen. The same is happening with streaming video services. The next to get on this car will be video games.

Google launched its video game streaming platform, Stadia, at the end of last year (not compatible with iOS devices at the moment). Microsoft is also working on its own with xCloud (The beta for iOS is now available). But they are not the only ones, although if the best known for belonging to big.

The service of streaming games of French origin, Shadow, has confirmed that Apple has removed its application from the application store, because it does not meet the guidelines established by Apple and that every application must comply if it wants to be available in the App Store.

Shadow allows users to play their PC titles on any other device, even if they are not able to do so due to hardware limitations. The company confirmed the disappearance of the application stating that it will investigate with Apple the reason for it.

Due to the lack of action according to a specific part of the Apple App Store guidelines, our mobile applications for the iPhone / iPad will be removed.

We are currently investigating the situation and will work on a plan to bring Shadow back to all mobile users as soon as possible!

Of course, we will keep you informed about this matter with information as it becomes available.

As we can see in the detail of the publication Shadow has not learned in details about the reasons that have caused the decision of Apple, but most likely the possibility to buy games through the application, skipping the App Store and thereby avoiding paying its corresponding 30%, has been the main and only reason that has caused its expulsion.

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