The second Apple Store in Bangkok is almost completed

On Twitter have been shared photos showing the final stages of building the second Apple Store in Bangkok, Thailand.

The new Apple Store will be located opposite the Central World mall. The area, which now houses a white stone courtyard, was closed to the public long before the first Apple Store in Bangkok, Apple Iconsiam, was officially opened in November 2018.

Over the past year, a temporary wall has kept the large construction site shrouded in mystery, but now that it has been removed there is only a temporary black cover to hide the glass walls of the building, housed under a giant flat circular roof.

Externally, the design of the new store is reminiscent of the Steve Jobs Theater located inside Apple Park in California. In addition, the leaked architectural plans revealed the interior layout of the shop. The ground floor will be occupied by the inevitable redwood tables arranged in a ring, while the shelves for the display of products will be positioned along the walls. In the center we will find a spiral staircase that will lead to the second floor.

On the second floor we will find a large screen indicating the forum area and tables with seats for the Today at Apple sessions and, possibly, Genius appointments. There is also a basement, which was formerly the Central World parking lot.

By now there shouldn’t be much left to completely complete the building, so it is possible to speculate that a lot of price will be inaugurated. Once completed, it could become the largest Apple Store present in Southeast Asia, also surpassing Apple Orchard Road present in Singapore.


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