The Samsung Galaxy S20 8K video recording file size is not for the faint of storage

The Galaxy S20 series pricing starts you off from $999 and that’s for just 128GB of basic storage at that. Even the most expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra in that roster is still a $1399 128-gigger, and if you want the 512GB model, you’d have to splurge $1599.

Who needs that much storage, anyway, you ask? Well, the owners of phones with Snapdragon 865 processors, that’s who. Despite that the 8K video samples from the Galaxy S20, Plus or Ultra are truly breathtaking, recording in 7680×4320 definition has its disadvantages, chief among which is the amount of storage that 8K footage takes.

How much storage does 8K video take on the Galaxy S20?

  • A minute of 8K video footage will take about 600MB on your Galaxy S20, Plus or Ultra.

Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 865 chipset focuses on image and video processing rather raw speed advantage over 855, and it shows in the specs. The chip supports 8K video recording at 30fps, and 4K HDR video at up to the breathtaking 120fps, that’s an immense amount of calculations that need to happen at the same time.

Unlike 4K video that only needs 8MP camera resolution, 8K demands at least a 32MP camera resolution to happen, explaining why the Galaxy S20 and S20+ record 8K video with their 64MP zoom cameras, rather than the main 12MP sensors.


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