The reality behind the durability of “folding” phones

Galaxy Z Flip

The saying goes that the human being is the only animal capable of tripping over the same stone twice, and Samsung is apparently an extremely human company. The Galaxy Unpacked was recently offered, where Samsung is pleased to launch its most cutting-edge products to the market, usually the “Galaxy S” range on call. However, this time the Galaxy S20 has been remarkably eclipsed, the Galaxy Z Flip has been the focus of all cameras. Nevertheless, This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has returned to sow doubts in terms of durability, the hidden face of foldable phones.

Once again JerryRigEverything He got down to work, he had to try the new “ultra-thin glass” that came to solve the obvious structural problems that the Galaxy Fold was dragging, so evident that they were removed to the analysts to “redesign” the device. It seems almost ironic that in an era where large companies invest (in theory) huge amounts of money in R&D with the sole intention of making their devices more resistant, especially in terms of glass, they venture to launch these pseudoprototypes that contradict decades of mobility, practicality and resistance. And as expected considering how Samsung is doing things lately, the result is being catastrophic.

In attention to the video that accompanies these lines, what Samsung calls “ultra-thin glass” seems to behave rather like a plastic … do you remember those plastic screens of the first smartphones? In attention to the scales used by the YouTuber, the Galaxy Z Flip begins to show irreparable signs of damage at levels two and three, while classic devices usually resist scratches of level five or six. To get an idea, the sapphire is represented between level eight or nine, while the diamond would be the maximum, level ten.

But that’s not all, although Samsung is still trying to call it “glass”, it turns out that the screen reacts to a heat source (a lighter in the case of the video) as the plastic would react, and if you propose, you can scratch it with the nail, yes, with the nail, at the time when the imitations of Rosalia with nails of more than three centimeters in length roam freely through the streets of Madrid. I do not quite understand how they can design a phone that tends to scratch itself with an essential part for its use, the human finger.

Galaxy Z Flip

This is, however, Samsung’s official explanation On the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip:

It has an Infinity Flex screen with an ultra-thin Samsung glass that gives it an elegant and top quality look. It offers an immersive viewing experience.

Samsung’s UTG technology (as they call this glass), the first of its kind, is different from that of the other Galaxy. Although the screen bends, it should be handled carefully. In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip has a protective layer on top, similar to that of the Galaxy Fold.

However, and despite everything, Samsung promises to offer screen replacements for around 120 euros, something that I can hardly believe considering what it costs to change the screen of other models of the brand, which also cost much less money. Do not forget that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip costs more than 1,300 euros, price “premium” phone Although, for sure, every time a brand launches a device in this cost range, it usually refers to how much they have invested in its resistance, durability and often even water resistance.

This is not the flexible phone we dream of

Brands continue to show us the valuable world of flexible phones, but in their own way. After so many years focusing on the world of technology through Actualidad Gadget and Actualidad iPhone, I must admit that I had never seen so far the practices that companies are carrying out with the “promotion” of their flexible phones. To show Motorola, which lent its Razr model to analysts with a 24-hour limit, just one day to try a terminal that costs € 1,599, that’s nothing.

Let’s be serious, they give them 24 hours to make the best announcement they can, and if they leave us more time the pot in our hands we may realize their defects, which are not few, and transferring it to our followers may fall What another sale. No, these are not the flexible phones we dream of: Not very resistant, excessively thick, with impractical operating systems and in some cases less than average hardware. Keep working on folding phones, but something tells me that they will end up in the same drawer as virtual reality glasses, 3D technology televisions and Beta tapes.

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