The police use “Where is it” to chase two thieves in the car

Melbourne police used the “Where’s” app during a dangerous pursuit of two wanted men, tracked down via a stolen iPad.

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Driver Vaatoa Chang, 29, from Sunshine West, and his accomplice Jonas Montealegre, 36, they brought with them the iPad previously stolen while swapping cars in an attempt to escape from the police. The two thieves died during the chase in northern Melbourne.

To track down and follow the two thieves, the police used the “Where’s” app on the stolen iPad. Without this active function, it would have been very difficult for the police to track down and follow the two men, as they stole and changed several cars during their escape. After a long chase in the north of the city, the car of the two criminals crashed into a truck.

The Dov’è function therefore proved to be very important to allow the police to track down the criminals.


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