The new “Continue discussion” function arrives on Twitter

Twitter has implemented a new feature that will give us the ability to connect multiple tweets together in a very simple and fast way.

The company announced the arrival of the new feature yesterday afternoon. Now, when we are composing a new tweet, just scroll up to view our previous tweets, including the most recent and the oldest ones. After choosing a tweet, we will see the button “Continued discussion“, Who will go to connect tweets.

Basically, this is Twitter’s way of making it easier for users creating discussions on different topics. In the past, the social network has already offered the possibility to connect multiple tweets together, however, the new feature that has arrived today makes everything much easier to do.

The new feature is being released gradually on the server side, so it is possible that it is not already active at all. You can download the Twitter app for iOS totally free of charge from theApp Store.


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