The Netatmo Internal Camera supports HomeKit

Netatmo has announced the compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video of its Smart Internal Camera, now also available on offer.

homekit netatmo video camera

The software update, free and automatic, will be gradually available starting from the next days for all devices, including those already on the market, and will allow users to play the videos recorded by their cameras in the Home app and save them safely in iCloud.

There Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera it is among the first on the market with compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video. Thanks to the integrated facial recognition technology, the device is able to distinguish faces known from strangers and identify harmless movements. In fact, when the camera detects an unknown one, it sends an instant notification to the user’s smartphone with a photo and video of the intruder.

HomeKit Secure Video offers users a safe way to monitor their home. Thanks to this support, users can now view videos in real time and even a 10-day history of activity detected by their video camera in the Home application directly from their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Owners of Netatmo Smart Indoor Cameras will be able to store the videos locally on the microSD card, included for free in the devices, and also on iCloud, with selected storage plans. A HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera requires a 200 GB ‌iCloud‌ storage plan available for free. While the 2 TB service works with up to 5 cameras, all this without any impact on the user’s iCloud storage limit.

HomeKit Secure Video allows you to configure Apple TV, HomePod and iPad as a home hub, which uses video camera technology to privately analyze the detected activities and understand if it is a person, an animal or a vehicle before storing them on iCloud and making them visible exclusively to the user.

The Smart Indoor Camera is available at the price now on offer of 169,99 €.


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