The Mac mini will be renewed and new iMac on the way

We have a conference in March, but do not be surprised that Apple has not confirmed it yet, and it is that for the first time the Cupertino company may simply offer some kind of streaming event or even launch the product catalog without directly notifying you , since the shadow of the coronavirus continues to plan for the heads of all this type of agglomerations. There is a product that has not been renewed for a long time and that could surprise us soon, we are talking about the Mac Mini, a splendid computer reviled by Apple itself. According to a mysterious “leaker”, we will see new Mac Mini, new iMac and of course a new iPad Pro soon, are you ready?

Personally, the Mac mini is one of the products I look forward to at the level of renewal, the iMac seems quite stagnant in terms of design and the Mac mini can be an interesting alternative for those who do not want to tie us completely to the screens Apple for different reasons. The current Mac mini offers an outdated performance in terms of energy savings and especially at the graphic level, since The only alternative for your GPU is an integrated version of Intel Graphics that is far from the performance that any iMac can offer.

For its part, the Twitter account that we mentioned and that has gone viral during yesterday afternoon has also mentioned the possibility that the iMac is effectively renewed. A change in its design would be closer to Apple’s new style of devices with rounded edges but flat designs, somewhat iPad Pro style and of course MacBook Pro, So the new iMac might look more like what is currently the Apple Display XDR. We will remain attentive to the news that is expected for this month of March.

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