The low stock of iPad Pro: consequence of the coronavirus or new models?

iPad Pro 2018

Wuhan’s coronavirus (already known worldwide as COVID-19) is still on everyone’s lips. Not only in the conversations of ordinary people but in the great administrative councils of large companies. The impact it is having on the entire global economic and commercial sphere is key to understanding the future of companies. The stock of Apple iPad Pro It is going down in many stores worldwide, including online orders. However, some sources suggest that this decline was occurring before the appearance of COVID-19, so Is the lack of stock a sign that new iPad Pro is coming?

Assumptions of a new iPad Pro vs the influence of the COVID-19 coronavirus

One of the reports that undermine the idea of ​​new iPad Pro comes from Bloomberg, the American news media, in whose statement it exposes the following excerpt:

The iPad Pro is having limited availability in stores in major US cities. The US, Australia and Europe, according to an Apple website review on Monday. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 512 GB, without LTE, is sold out at all Apple stores in the Los Angeles area.

This same model and other versions are also running out in many stores in New York City.

Some employees of Apple’s physical store said they began noticing a reduced inventory of the iPad Pro in the last week.

These last employees decided not to identify themselves by claiming private product information. It is very likely that employees do have some more information but Apple completely restricts them from talking about developments in the stock of products. Yes, it’s true that Apple try to sell the maximum number of last generation products for greater impact when the new product is launched. This ensures they keep a large number of devices from previous generations.

However, the reality is that even if we have a limited stock It is very likely and it can be seen that the production of factory components such as Foxconn has been reduced, which is also an indication that there is really a slowdown in the production of complete products.

We are left with two totally valid hypotheses, whose veracity we cannot confirm until there is more information from Apple. Although some rumors point to an event between March and April for a launch of the new iPad Pro, Nor are they expected to bring very striking changes. Apple may have decided to wait a little longer due to the influence that COVID-19 has had and that was not in its plans, of course.

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