The launch of Apple Pay in Mexico is approaching

Banregio allows you to add cards to Apple Pay, with a ‘but’

Unfortunately, Apple does not launch all its news at the same time in all countries and in fact there are some in which its products do not even officially arrive, since they must be purchased abroad and imported to those countries. The case of Mexico is somewhat strange, since in recent years they are among the first to receive equipment such as the new iPhone, but not for other services such as Apple Pay or the ECG of the Apple Watch.

change apple pay card

It has been 6 years to see the first signs of Apple’s payment service in Mexico, and although not yet implemented, it may be soon. Some clients of the Mexican entity Banregio They began to report a few hours ago the possibility of being able to introduce the cards in Wallet and therefore in Apple Pay. Of course, payments are not yet enabled and there are some conditions to enter the data, such as having another region configured on the iPhone.

Apple has not yet given information about it and will surely do so when the service finally arrives in Mexico. This hint makes us think that could be imminently the launch, but for now there is only waiting. It also remains to be seen if any other entity joins Banregio to allow Mexicans to make their payments.

Why does Apple Pay not reach all countries at once?

Brazil is at the moment the only South American country that has enabled payments with Apple Pay and the reason for this is not so much because of Apple’s strategic decision, but because of the trade agreements that must be reached with the banks and other institutions of the countries. It is necessary to understand that it is not a service that Apple really carries out, but that the company makes its tools available and it is the banks that have to offer it accepting the conditions established by Cupertino.

The same goes for the possibility of perform electrocardiograms with the Apple Watch, since this despite being a feature of the clock, must be accepted by a number of medical institutions. The firm directed by Tim Cook states emphatically that it cannot be classified as a hundred percent medical instrument, but it has a very good reliability that has already been proven and that makes it an unfit element in those places that are not accepted .

We hope that the situation will progress and other countries in Latin America may soon benefit from both functionalities, although unfortunately it is possible that they will not end up arriving if Apple does not have a subsidiary in these countries as it does in Mexico.

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