The imminent launch of the new Powerbeats 4 is confirmed

A few weeks ago we started talking about new Powerbeats 4, a renewal of Beats sports headphones, now owned by Apple. A leak that came after having found a pictogram of these headphones in the code of the latest iOS. And now, to the filtering of images of these possible Powerbeats 4, the publication of the inclusion in the FCC of these headphones has just been filtered, that is, the launch is confirmed …

As we tell you, lThe new Powerbeats 4 seem confirmed after the publication of their features in the U.S. consumer device approval body, the FCC. A preliminary step to be taken when you want to sell a new device, so there is no doubt that we will finally see these new Powerbears 4 in the market. What will the new Powerbeats 4 bring? These new headphones are designed for sportsThey are new in-ear headphones that will also bring a hoop so that they are held in the ear while we do sports (both will be connected by a cable). Also also will incorporate the new H1 chip that we see in the latest AirPods. A chip that will allow us access to Hey Siri, in addition to the assistant also reading the messages we receive.

We will see what happens, at the end of Cupertino they can decide to launch these new Powerbeats 4 without any previous announcement, or they can take advantage of the rumored Keynote at the end of the month to announce these Powerbeats 4 and even the new AirPods Pro of which tango is spoken. We see more a silent launch with a press release announcing its characteristics, In the end it is a minor renovation and although it brings novelties it all comes down to the processor and the changes in the design of the headphones. We will keep you informed of any release …

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