The Google “Pixel 5” was just mentioned for the first time

Days after renders of an early prototype emerged online, the people over at 9To5Google have spotted the first official references to Google’s next-generation “Pixel 5” flagship ahead of its release later this year.

An employee is working with the “Pixel 5”

Commenting on a recent Android Open Source Project code change, one Google software engineer left a very clear comment in which he reveals the code isn’t working on the Pixel 4 but hasn’t yet been tested on the upcoming “Pixel 5.” This would suggest Google is planning to, rather unsurprisingly, brand its next-generation flagships as the Pixel 5 series. Of course, we’re still around eight months away from the official unveiling and Google still has plenty of time to choose a different name.

Information uncovered by 9To5Google suggests the Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 5 XL are codenamed Redfin and Bramble respectively. The latter was recently spotted with the Linux kernel version 4.19, which matches that of the “Pixel 5” referenced by Google’s employee.

Google may be planning a unique new design

Because the Pixel 5 series is still so far away, very little is known about the next-generation flagship lineup at this stage. However, recently leaked renders suggest Google could be working on a unique new design to help its smartphones stand out from the crowd.One of the three Pixel 5 prototypes Google is working on features a massive camera bump on the back. The latter kind of looks like a robot’s face, with the primary and telephoto cameras acting as the eyes, the new ultra-wide-angle shooter as the mouth, and the trusty LED flash as the nose.

The two-tone construction used on early Pixel smartphones is, once again, nowhere to be seen but the accented power key is present.

Renders of the front panel weren’t published, but information suggests an updated version of the Pixel 4’s design is used. That means users can expect to find a slimmer forehead complete with 3D face recognition and Motion Sense tech.


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