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The AirPods Pro Lite will be a reality in the next 6 months

A new report published by DigiTimes and collected by 9to5mac makes mention again to this new model of wireless headphones but that It will not come to replace anything or anyone. Apparently from Apple they would be preparing a new model that will be added to the AirPods line in the next six months.

AirPods Pro

One of the thoughts that potential buyers of this type of Apple headphones have is that they are too expensive. We must understand that this price may become justified due to the features it includes. That is why if we want to have a much lower price we must sacrifice some of these characteristics.

Like Apple is betting on launch a series of cheap iPhone, As is the case with the iPhone 9, you may also want to follow this strategy with the headphones. With this they will be able to reach a greater user groups and therefore have a higher income rate.

According to this DigiTimes report, which is the continuation of the previous one, the Universal Scientific Industrial will be responsible for manufacturing the chips of these cheap AirPods. That is why Apple would already be launching all the necessary suppliers to carry out this new parallel production. In the end they aim to have this accessory ready by mid-2020, although apparently we will see some other delay due to the coronavirus.

In addition Apple will surely have among its plans the readjustment of the price of these headphones. It must be look for an average price between the Pro model and the normal model Second generation We do not know the sacrifices that they will have to make in the hardware since the difference of the AirPods Pro certainly lies in the cancellation of noise. You should see if you reduce its quality or simply remove it completely to offer this version ‘Lite’

And you, what do you think of this new rumor of the AirPods Pro Lite? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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