The fear of Coronavirus reaches the epicenter of Apple, the company cancels large meetings and conferences

Sometimes we do not realize but international news marks what happens in technological news, the main theme of this blog, iPhone News. We see it with any news and it is becoming clear in recent weeks for the issue that everyone talks about: Coronavirus. A pandemic that is affecting a great multitude of events, ways of working, and even the international distribution chains themselves; and Apple was not going to be less … And it seems that for the first time it seems that Concern has reached the epicenter of Cupertino, Apple Park itself is on alert for the Coronavirus. After the jump we tell you more details about this controversial news.

Everything comes by a recommendation you have made Santa Clara County, a county that includes Cupertino, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San José, cities in which virtually all the most important technology companies in the world are located. The main recommendation, or request, is to minimize, or cancel if possible, meetings and conferences that have a large number of attendees. These are the recommendations that Santa Clara County has sent to these technology companies:

  • Stop non-essential trips of employees.
  • Minimize the number of employees working at your fingertips, which includes minimizing or cancel large meetings and conferences that physically concentrate people.
  • Urge employees to stay home when they are sick and maximize flexibility in the benefits of sick leave.
  • Do not require a doctor’s note for employees They are sick, since health care offices can be very busy and cannot provide that documentation immediately.
  • Consider the use of teleworking options for the appropriate employees.
  • Consider times of broad start and end of work to reduce concentrations of people at the same time.

And is that In recent days, 20 people have tested positive for Coronavirus in this county of Santa Clara. We will see how this affects the next presentations of Apple … We have in the air a possible Keynote for the month of March, and in the spotlight is also the next WWDC that should be held in the month of June and will include a large number of assistants.

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