The book that Apple wants to censor that talks about the App Store

Apple does not want the ‘dirty rags’ of the App Store come to light

No company likes to get their supposed dirty rags and secrets in a book that anyone can read. That is why the author, Apple employee, has been automatically fired and now we are looking for a way for nobody to access this totally confidential data.

When you enter to work in a company, in the contract that you must sign It is specified that no information of a business nature should be disclosed. This is why its breach can lead to legal problems.

The middle Focus has collected information about Apple’s attempt to block the distribution and sale of the book. Apparently they are trying to take action against the publication of the company’s former German manager book, claiming that confidentiality must be maintained which is reflected in the employment contract of this manager.

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The newspaper Die Zeit collects that Apple “He believes that the work of manager Tom Sadowski reveals trade secrets that are of” considerable economic value “for the company.” We must bear in mind that this book is written by Murmann Verlag but collect the full testimony of former manager Tom SadowskI directed the App Store division until a few months ago.

But here comes the confrontation that must be resolved in court. In the first moment the former Apple employee claims that no trade secret has been revealed in the book, but the company says the opposite. Some people who have read the book also come into play here and say that what is written is quite “banal and obvious.” Specifically in the EN24 medium we read the following:

Apple’s accusations in reading Sadowski’s book are not entirely understandable. The author informs about his personal experiences and reveals mainly the obvious (“1. Enrich the lives of people. The application must enrich the lives of users. 2. Monetize. The application must convert users into paying customers.” In general, the book is more a field report than an in-depth commercial analysis.

Often, the content of the book is simply banal (“My colleague at that time and the current head of Sony Germany, Patrick, not only had a very good nose for this, but also the appropriate balls to boost the project internally”). It is conceivable that Apple is disturbed by the passages in which the author informs, for example, the comments of the company’s headquarters.

This controversy that is rising at the end It will cause many more users to end up reading the book. It is currently on sale at Amazon and we must wait to see the legal paths that follow Apple to face this alleged disclosure of trade secrets.

And you, do you think Apple should censor the book?

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