The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

Samsung’s latest crown jewel, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, is not officially on sale yet (although you can register for a preorder) but if you’re planning to snag one, it’s best to have a case ready as soon as it arrives. You can’t risk damaging that $1,400 phone, right?

To make your decision easier, we’ve gathered the best cases from prominent manufacturers. Of course, starting with Samsung itself.

Samsung offers a variety of cases, from simple to gimmicky, but we’ve selected the ones that would suit the needs of most future S20 Ultra users. 

Galaxy S20 series cases haven’t been added to the Samsung store yet (we’ll update this post as soon as that happens) so there’s no exact pricing yet, but you can check them out from the accessories page linked below:

Samsung Smart Clear View Cover

This case with a front cover is perfect if you’re carrying your phone among some extra edgy objects that might leave a mark on its display. Unlike the simpler flap-style cases, this one has a window that lets you see all the important information such as time and notifications at a glance. Thanks to the special always-on mode, you get the feeling that this case and the phone are meant to be together. Because they are.

Samsung Leather Cover

The S20 Ultra is an expensive phone but doesn’t exactly give off that vibe. If you feel like people aren’t getting the right idea when they see it, you might want to dress it in a nice, genuine leather case.

Samsung Silicone Cover

Samsung’s silicone cases are a great way not only to add a barrier between the outside world and your phone but also a way to change its color. The S20 Ultra comes only in black and gray, pretty boring colors, with these cases you have four other options available.

Samsung Protective Standing Cover

If you don’t trust puny soft materials like leather and silicone then this is your last resort. This case is tough but still has some character and even comes with built-in kickstands to prop up your phone and enjoy any content hands-free.

Best Spigen Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

Spigen makes some of the best third-party cases and for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the company is betting on its classics.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid case

The Ultra Hybrid case offers excellent protection from all sides thanks to the patented Air Cushion technology. Even the hefty camera bump is well-protected, so there’s no need to worry when putting it down even if you’re a bit heavy-handed. The case can be either transparent, which lets you slip something between it and the phone for extra customization, or matte black.

Spigen Liquid Air case

This case will fit like a second skin on your Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s slim but still adds protection and a much-improved grip to your phone. The pattern on the back gives it some character as well so it won’t cheapen your flagship device.

Spigen Tough Armor case

A familiar design most of you have probably seen on other phones in the wild, the Tough Armor case is a Spigen best-seller. The case is made from multiple different materials and has a layer of foam for impact absorption. As an added bonus, this case also has a kickstand for watching videos in landscape mode. 

Best OtterBox Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

Otterbox cases are a bit pricier, but hey, if you bought the S20 Ultra, cases are not something you should cheapen out on.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear case

A somewhat basic clear case with a slim profile and good protection for your phone’s buttons and cameras.

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series case


Now that’s a product not every case maker has. A protective case with an integrated PopSocket grip. For a phone the size of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, that’s a welcomed addition. If you already have standalone PopSockets, you can swap the grip designs with the one that comes with the case for an extra-personal touch.

OtterBox Defender Series Pro case

This Otterbox rugged case protects your phone not only from drops but germs as well, thanks to its OtterArmor Microbial Defense. The case also comes with a holster, which is kind of like a case for the case. The holster has a belt clip that can also be used as a kickstand for your downtime between adventures.

Best BodyGuardz Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

For now, BodyGuardz has only a couple of cases for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, both with their Unequal Technology for improved impact protection.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro case


The Ace Pro is a transparent case with a smoky finish that offers a good balance between protection and size. Buttons, cameras and the screen are all protected by either raised edges or covers.

BodyGuardz Harmony case


The Harmony case is a bit fancier with a gradient that goes either from black to fully transparent or pink to blue. Besides that, it’s identical to the Ace Pro in terms of protection, both cases also include a wire mess that dust or sand from getting into the speakers of the phone.


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