The App Store rejects applications related to the coronavirus that are not from official bodies

According to the CNBC, Apple is doing its part to prevent disinformation related to coronavirus, a policy that Google is also doing from the Play Store. This medium has spoken with four independent developers who had created applications related to the coronavirus and which have been rejected by the App Store.

These applications, allowed users, follow in real time the number of countries where cases of infected by the coronavius ​​have been confirmed, using the World Health Organization as a source of information, therefore, the information they offered was real and not based on rumors, speculation or false information.

Apple told one of these developers via telephone, that everything related to the coronavirus must be published by an official health organization or government of a country. Another developer received an email in response to the refusal to publish his application, in which it can be read that applications with current medical information should be sent by recognized institutions.

Citing a source related to Apple, from Cupertino they evaluate case by case to prevent misinformation and analyze where the health data they offer come from and if the developers represent the organization so that users who use the application can obtain real information.

If we perform a search for the word coronavirus in the App Store, we find an application of the Brazilian government and some games about viruses that are taking advantage of the situation. If the information displayed by the application is based on that provided by WHO, many could criticize Apple’s decision, since It does not allow people to be aware of the current situation of the coronavirus.

Ideally, WHO will publish an application that offered real-time information about the coronavirus, something quite unlikely if we consider that it does not have its own mobile application.

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