The 802.11a Wi-Fi standard can be the final push for Apple Glasses

We have been talking about the possibility of Apple launching augmented reality glasses called by many as Apple Glasses and now with the news of the new WiFi 802.11a standard and a lot of new rumors are opening up. This new WiFi connection system could be implemented in some devices of the Cupertino company and with this such high bandwidth coupled with low latency which has would be a definitive complement for augmented reality glasses.

The high resolution images would be the strong point of these glasses and logically for this it is necessary to also have a low latency, so with the new 802.11a WiFi system and channel, Everything seems to indicate that it would be the occasion to consider the final development part of these glasses that we have been rumored for so long. We will see what happens over time …

Logically and again we have to insist on it, the Cupertino company does not show details or key data that indicate the imminent launch of these augmented reality glasses, although it is true that the opportunity to do so is just around the corner with the improvements in connectivity and especially latency. We do not see that during the keynote that we will have next March, Apple will present this product they are expected in the long term, although this is a big step for this product thanks to the transmission of up to 44 gigabits per second that can be achieved with the new 802.11a WiFi standard.

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