Streaming definitely kills music downloads

Every time the music streaming has more followers. It is true that free services like Spotify help a lot, however, there are few who choose to pay for the service and thus have the “Premium” features that these services offer. In fact, users, both free and paid, have reached the highest levels in the history of the industry, setting a precedent definitely killing the world of digital downloads. The growth of streaming music is unstoppable and digital downloads are living their last moments of life, What streaming music service do you usually use?
In the United States of America, the Recording Industry Association of America It has carried out a study throughout the year 2019 whose results have been offered recently. Although it may seem little, the profits produced by streaming music have grown 25% during the year, reaching a total of 11.1 billion dollars, thus becoming one of the main sources of income of the industry, as expected. Only Apple Music and Spotify have grouped 6,800 million over the total mentioned above and do not stop growing according to statistics, sooner or later it will become the most common way to listen to music, as long as the multiplatform system is fully expanded.

The number of paid subscribers of these services has grown by almost 30% during the year 2019, to reach a total of 60.4 million people. On the contrary, sales in physical format continue to fall, currently represent 10% of total sales. A curious detail is that vinyl is selling more than ever and already offers 500 million dollars in profits, or past or absolute past, the intermediate roads are disappearing completely. Music downloads have fallen to the figures that were offered in 2006, booming, so they are close to becoming an extinct format (they only represent 8% of the profit in the industry).

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