Steve Wozniak, meet the eccentric founder of Apple

All the films focus on Steve Jobs … how to forget that presentation of the iPod or the impressive presentation of the iPhone? For me the two best he has done in his (unfortunately) short life. However, if Steve Jobs was Apple’s “Ying,” we have another Steve who was “Yang” and that is Wozniak. Lately the good one of Woz, affectionate nickname with which he is known, is addicted to going on magazine and newspaper covers for increasingly curious statements and actions. Let’s introduce you to Steve Wozniak so you can meet who was the founder of Apple.

Where does Steve Wozniak come from?

Stephan Gary Wozniak, born in Sunnyvale, United States of America on August 11, 1950, we are faced with a real character, but the reality is that in the beginning we are not faced with such an eccentric profile. Despite being an American citizen, his father was of Polish origin and his mother of German origin, they ended up in the United States fleeing the war. From a young age he was a lover of mathematics and especially electronics, developing a special affection for radio (do you remember Dustin’s good at Stranger Things?). Thus, the university and self-taught training of Wozniak was constantly growing, always in contact with computers, radios and consumer electronics.

It was in his university time (1971) when a common friend introduced him to Steve Jobs, the commercial mind of Apple, and is that the good one of Jobs went to the University but did not seem too interested in studying. Both made their first “pinitos” using the Bluebox, a device that simulated phone tones to deceive the telecommunications company and make totally free calls. While Woz was a lover of free software and technology, Jobs convinced him to sell the Bluebox and that was his first commercial success.

Back in 1976 Wozniak he had seen his knowledge rewarded and started working at Hewlett-Packard (HP), that for the time it was a merit if we take into account that both HP and IBM monopolized the computer and printing sector. It was there when Woz created his first personal computer, however, his contract with HP forced him to offer all his ideas to the company. Surprisingly HP refused to mass-produce a personal computer and that is when his friend Jobs began to convince him that selling it was going to be a good idea. By then Wozniak had already left his studies unfinished.

Steve Jobs, my best friend, took my designs and turned them into products.

It was in the same 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple, However, the successful businesses that Jobs had proclaimed to the four winds had one factor in common: Wozniak was the engineer behind those products, the true thinking mind capable of making ideas come true. For years Apple’s successes were constant, in fact later true failures like Apple III and Apple Lisa were released, while It was only the products designed by Wozniak that kept the company afloat.

The tight relationship “love hate” with Jobs

Steve Wozniak has never made bad statements about Steve Jobs, but the reality is that he has not made good ones either. Wozniak declared himself a lover of free software and upgradeable hardware, quite the opposite of Jobs, which created the idea of ​​the closed environment that Apple has maintained to date.

When we started with Apple, Jobs didn’t even know about the existence of personal computers. Actually he did not intend to bring that technology to people, nor did he care about the benefits they could offer to society, he only knew how to do things and sell them for more money.

The conflicts between Jobs and Wozniak regarding the price of products, the famous “distortion of reality” of Apple’s CEO and the fact that despite being friends they had very distant principles were dynamiting the relationship of both. While Jobs acted as a relentless CEO, Wozniak was dedicated to working as one more at Apple and he stayed out of business matters, in fact he never got too interested.

The accident that changed everything

On February 7, 1981 Steve Wozniak and his girlfriend, Candi Clark had a plane crash that he owned. No one was seriously injured, but Wozniak lost his memory in the short term and his recovery was quite long. This separated him from Apple’s board during those four years, and he only did so to tell Steve Jobs that he was leaving the company. Apple’s thinking head and artisan hands were leaving in 1985. The rest is history, a few months later Apple’s directive gets Steve Jobs to cease his job and 12 years of bad results are concatenated that almost broke the company.

Steve Wozniak

Since then Steve Wozniak has been essentially dedicated to education and philanthropy. He makes constant talks at the University and is dedicated to inspire new generations. Nonetheless, Steve Wozniak is still on Apple’s payroll, receiving approximately 50 dollars a week. And is that in spite of leaving the dome of Apple, the good one of Woz reserved a good handful of actions of the company that founded in 1976 and that they have generated to the engineer a fortune of approximately 100 million dollars.

How to get to know Wozniak in depth

In spite of everything, he loves to leave controversial statements such as that “Apple has lost its way” or that it is “the zero patient of Coronavirus in the United States of America.” Nevertheless, We leave you a few recommendations so you can know the work of Wozniak and Apple, In fact, according to him, the film that is closest to reality is the first in the list.

  • Movie: Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • Movie: Jobs
  • Book: Steve Jobs
  • Book: Steve Jobs – Lights and shadows of a genius

We hope you liked to know a little more about Wozniak, the true core of Apple, the thinking mind behind Steve Jobs.

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