Steve Jobs would have turned 65, the memory of Tim Cook

Today Steve Jobs he would have turned 65 and who knows what he would be designing right now in his office in Apple Park, the campus he dreamed and designed. Tim Cook wanted to remember this anniversary with a tweet.

steve jobs

Steve Jobs he died in 2011 at the age of 56 after a long battle against cancer, but as everyone who works in Cupertino often says, “his legacy remains intact within the company and continues to survive in both Apple products and ideals“.

In your tweet, Apple CEO Tim Cook wanted to share one of the most iconic moments in Steve Jobs’ professional history: the presentation of the first, revolutionary iPhone.

Today Apple has changed a lot since 2011, however managing to increase its earnings year after year. Perhaps that “wow” effect that Steve Jobs had become accustomed to has been lost, but it is also true that today more than ever it is difficult to amaze users with products that have now almost reached their maturity. Only the future can tell us if Apple will still surprise us, perhaps with new categories of products we know nothing about.


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