Spotify for iOS is updated with a new random button


If WhatsApp has become the most used application in the world to chat, Spotify is the queen of music. If a few years ago the music was linked to the acronym MTV, today the record world is undoubtedly linked to Spotify.

Today it has launched a new update of its application for iOS, with some improvements, such as a new button to play music randomly. Let’s see what improvements this new version for iPhone brings.

Spotify has just announced a new update of its application for iOS devices, describing it as “bigger” and “bolder”. These changes are available for both free and premium subscribers, with a more optimized interface and more intuitive buttons.

More than anything it is a face lift of the user interface, being more intuitive and easy to use. The company’s message says so: “Spotify mobile iOS users can access and browse music like never before.”

The first new surprise is the random button. It incorporates an icon with two arrows and is intended to start playing random music more intuitively and easily.

The second is the new interface. Now you have the “Like”, “Play” and “Download” icons in the same row. This row is located in the center of the screen, in order to be used with only one hand. The “Download” icon has changed. Now it is the same one used for podcasts.

The third novelty is about the way to visualize the clues. From now on you will see the album cover of a loose song that is displayed next to it throughout the application. If you have marked a song with the heart icon “I like it”, this symbol appears next to the name of the track.

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