Spotify also shows the lyrics of the synchronized songs

Start the song and start singing in time, thanks to the text that flows in sync with the music. Apple Music users will already know about this feature, which is now also available on Spotify.

spotify synchronized lyrics

Thanks to the collaboration with Musixmatch, Spotify also allows you to view the lyrics of millions of songs synchronized to the beat of the music.

Lyrics synchronized with music are one of the functions most appreciated by Apple Music users, since they allow you to sing your favorite songs without having to manually scroll through the text. This was an advantage over Spotify, at least until today.

The novelty is in fact available for a few hours also on theSpotify iOS app, with a rollout that could last a few days before the update is visible to everyone.

THE texts appear under the playback controls on the screen Now playing and scroll automatically during song playback. They replace what was the section “Behind the Lyrics”, Where Spotify previously offered little information about each song.

The lyrics are not available for all the songs on Spotify, even if all the songs of the best known artists have their lyrics synchronized.

And you, do you already have this news on your Spotify?


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