Spotify adds true song lyrics integration on Android and iOS devices

In a perfect tech world, you would have all the features you need and expect from an app or device already available to you from the beginning. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, even though the creators of these products strive for the best.

Spotify has been trying to close the gap between an incomplete and a near-perfect app (because perfect doesn’t exist) by adding all sorts of features and nifty improvements. The latest addition to the Spotify mobile app is song lyrics, a new feature that’s now slowly rolling out to users on both Android and iOS platforms, AndroidPolice reports.

But this isn’t just a poor implementation of the feature where you have the lyrics displayed below the song. No, this is a full-fledged integration of the lyrics which are synced with the songs. You will see them appear below the album art on the Now Playing screen.

A card containing the lyrics will pop up when you play a song that supports the new feature. When you click on the card, the lyrics will be displayed on the full screen with the ones currently playing colored in white.

We’re not sure if this is a worldwide rollout, but it looks like many Spotify users have already received the new feature on Android, iOS, and even on the desktop app.


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