Some analysts talk about the big sales that the next iPhone 12 will have

iPhone 11

We remain expectant about whats changes that technology companies may have due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. An outbreak that is causing global events to be canceled, and that jeopardizes exports of devices manufactured in the Asian giant. But it’s not all bad news, some analysts are talking about the good sales that the next iPhone 12 can have due to device update cycles of some users. After the jump we tell you more about what these analysts say about how the sales of the next iPhone 12 will go …

Obviously they take into account the latest news about the Coronavirus, and know that this has had a great impact on Cupertino barracks: actions have fallen in recent days but predict that these could reach up to 400 dollars (Now they are around $ 300) after the announcement of the next iPhone 12 that will certainly incorporate 5G technology. And precisely It is because of this new 5G technology this possible increase in sales of this iPhone 12 because it may be to blame for device update cycles being shortened and many users deciding on this device.

We will see what happens with all this, from my point of view you have to be somewhat more conservative and not have such high expectations. The 5G technology of the next devices sure encourages many to change devices, but you have to take into account the utilities that this will have and if we really need it in our day to day. In the market there is already an offer of 5G devices and it is not the key feature that encourages users to make a change of device. We have more and more devices that last longer in time so we will have to wait and not trust so much rumor.

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