SK Hynix, 800 employees home for fear of Coronavirus

The fearsome Coronavirus continues to frighten, also undermining the Chinese production chain. SK Hynix, one of the suppliers of components for Apple products, has in fact ordered 800 employees to remain because of their fear of contagion.

SK Hynix Coronavirus

SK Hynix is ​​the leading manufacturer of RAM memories for Apple products and as revealed by AppleInsider he would have opted for a massive reduction in the workforce, leaving 800 employees temporarily at home in order to preserve their health.

One of the company’s employees would have come into contact with an infected person and for this reason the company preferred not to risk the possible contagion of other employees. The trainee who came into contact with the sick person currently has symptoms of pneumonia, although the first test was negative for coronavirus. The training center was thus closed entirely as a precaution.

The thorny issue should not however have a significant impact on production, given the 18,000 total employees in force at the company.



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