Servant and plagiarism, Apple defends itself against the accusations

Apple has handed over its defensive motion to the federal judge in charge of the lawsuit filed by director Francesa Gregorini, who accused the “Servant” series available on Apple TV + of plagiarism.


The director of The Truth About Emanuel, Francesca Gregorini, says that the “Servant” series appropriated the plot of her film, also using the same “cinematic language”For a result quite similar to his film in terms of feelings and themes. In addition to talking about the parallel points of the plot, Gregorini says that Servant also presents “surprisingly similar and highly idiosyncratic characters, scenes, directorial choices and narrative modes“.

The film The Truth About Emanuel stars a 17-year-old babysitter who takes care of a child which actually turns out to be a doll. This doll was created to replace a recently dead child. The incipit is similar to that of Servant. Can we talk about plagiarism?

Apple has offered an explanation for each of the allegations presented by Gregorini:

The complaint by Francesca Gregorini is another example of that obsessive belief, so common among authors and composers, that all the similarities between their works and those of others who come out later must inevitably be considered plagiarism. The plaintiff is seeking to claim ownership over impractical ideas, including a grieving mother who believes that a “therapeutic” doll is her deceased child, or the presence of sophisticated, privileged white parents who hire a nanny for their child. . These concepts are drawn from real life and are found in countless films, television programs and books. “

Apple’s legal team then cited some of the countless similar works, comparing plot, sequences of events, themes, settings, rhythm and dialogues. And, of course, the differences between the Gregorini film and the Servant series are also listed:

There are numerous other differences between the plots of the two works. The Truth About Emanuel is told from Emanuel’s perspective, indeed, the film begins with its voiceover. In Servant, the perspective is the opposite, as the series explores who (or what) is Leanne and where it comes from.

Furthermore, a doll that comes to life is certainly not a new concept, having been explored in countless works, from the classic 1883 children’s novel Pinocchio to last year’s remake of Child’s Play.

Despite some similarities like the timeline of the story, which for Apple lawyers is certainly not something that can be protected by law, “… the main themes of Emanuel and Servant, beyond the pain and the illusion, are drastically different. Emanuel and Leanne have almost nothing like it. Beyond some generic and unpredictable traits shared by actresses, their stories and psychology could not be more different“.

Gregorini released a statement following this motion, expressing full confidence that the judges will find the “incredible similarities“Between the two works:”We must end Hollywood culture, where the powerful are free to steal and reuse the original work of others without fear or consequences“.

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