Security breaches discovered in 23 file conversion apps – iPhone Italy

Cyber ​​security firm Wandera has found that over 20 file conversion applications on iOS are not encrypted, putting users’ shared documents at risk.

unencrypted apps

The 23 applications reported from Wandera are used by over 3 million users all over the world and have been developed by a single software house, Cometdocs. These apps are for convert documents into different formats, such as Word to PDF or PDF to PowerPoint

The problem is that the conversion process is managed by a Cometdocs server, with the original documents that they are sent without any form of encryption.

The apps also allow you to access the most popular file hosting services, including Gmail, iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box, to recover all the files stored by the user. Alternatively, the user can choose to directly upload a file from his device.

Since all the files are transferred to the company’s servers without any protection, however, there are potential risks for users. An attacker could easily access these files while sniffing traffic on the same Wi-Fi network.

Wandera has contacted the developer three times in the past three months but has not received a response.

Here is the complete list of apps:

  1. Audio Converter by Cometdocs – Convert Audio Files
  2. Video Converter – Convert Video Files
  3. Compress PDF – Make PDF Smaller
  4. PDF Merge – Combine PDF Documents
  5. JPG to PDF Converter
  6. XPS to PDF Converter – Convert XPS files to PDF
  7. Save as PDF – from Anywhere – Convert Text, Word, Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other files to PDF – All in one PDF Converter
  8. Image to Text Converter – OCR
  9. Image to Excel Converter – OCR
  10. Image to Word Converter – OCR – Convert photos to Word documents
  11. PDF Creator – PowerPoint edition
  12. PDF Creator – Word edition
  13. DOC to DOCX
  14. DOCX to DOC
  15. PDF to AutoCAD Converter – Convert PDF to DWG
  16. PDF to Text Converter with OCR
  17. PDF to PowerPoint Converter
  18. PDF to Excel Converter – OCR
  19. PDF to JPG Converter (JPEG)
  20. Publisher to PDF Converter
  21. PDF Converter Ultimate – All In One Converter
  22. PDF to Word Converter with OCR
  23. MP3 Converter – Convert Videos and Music to MP3

If you use one of these applications, you find an alternative (like the excellent one Document Converter) or avoid sharing documents with sensitive information.


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