Samsung Find My Mobile message spooks users worldwide

Today, a ton of Samsung customers and users were spooked by a mysterious notification. For some reason, their Find My Mobile app has pushed a message that simply says “1”.

This has happened on various devices in many different countries and regions. Even the Galaxy S10+ in the office had the weird notification in its shade. Tapping on it does nothing and it disappears as quickly as it appeared.

A lot of users were spooked, thinking that it’s a hacking attempt at their phone or that someone has hijacked their Samsung account. Don’t panic — seeing as how widespread this is, it seems to be a server mistake at Samsung HQ. It just happened to send a notification to everybody — either it was a fluke or somebody pressed the wrong button.

We have asked Samsung for an official statement on the matter and will update this space accordingly.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jan


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