Safer websites to buy a second-hand iPhone

Safe websites to buy a second-hand iPhone

Used Apples, experts in used Apple products

used apples sell airpods

Visit the website of Used Apples

Used Apples is possibly one of the most popular portals on which to sell second-hand Apple products. It is very good from the point of view of the seller, but also of the buyer. The website guarantees secure purchase, giving a guarantee of 5 days so you can verify the operation of the product and that it is as the seller has described it. There are also guarantees prior to the signing of the delivery note, as well as a mediation and arbitration in case there is any incident with the buyer.

Amazon also sells refurbished products

Visit the Amazon website

This is a popularly known portal to buy almost any type of product and in most cases new and sealed. However, it also has some second-hand items. In the case of the iPhone, we can find them reconditioned This means that those components that could be damaged, such as the battery or the screen, have been repaired and made available to the consumer. They usually have a lowest price than in Apple, so it can be a good way to save on the purchase. Of course, it has the security guarantees from Amazon in case the product does not satisfy you.

Amazon Mobile
Amazon Mobile

Wallapop can work if you take certain precautions

Visit the Wallapop website

Wallapop, either in its web version or through its app, can be the best platform to buy second-hand iPhone quickly and quickly with the seller. However, it is also one of the places where more scams can occur, without having in this case a guarantee from the portal to solve the problems. For that reason it should be you who takes the license to make sure that the product is original and has no problem. For this you can request a copy of the purchase invoice to the seller, as well as some screenshot of the device. It is also essential that be purchased and reviewed in person in front of the seller before making any payment. If the seller insists on not providing you with this information or the possibility of buying it in person, they are compelling reasons to distrust.

Wallapop - Buy and sell
Wallapop - Buy and sell

Vibbo, same precautions for purchase

Visit the Vibbo website

Vibbo was known in Spain as until a few years ago. It is one of the most popular and prestigious portals when it comes to managing purchases and sales of second-hand items. But unfortunately something similar to Wallapop happens when claiming scams. You can report the seller in case of deception and the portal will take the measures it deems appropriate, but they probably won’t solve the problem. That is why we insist that there is a contact with the seller to request the most relevant information on the iPhone and arrange a personal appointment with it before closing the sale and paying any amount.

vibbo - Second hand store
vibbo - Second hand store

Apple, the safest but least economical method

Visit Apple’s refurbished iPhone website

If you turn to the second-hand market to buy an iPhone it is probably to save money on the purchase. It is for this reason that this is perhaps the worst option, but of all it is in the end the safest. The company does not have a second-hand market as such, but offers reconditioned devices. In another article we tell you what is an Apple refurbished iPhone and its differences with a new or second hand. The Apple guarantees They are similar to when you buy new, with a somewhat lower time limitation but just as effective.

And you, do you know any other secure portal to buy a second-hand iPhone? Tell us in the comments.

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