Routers with HomeKit will be difficult to configure


One of the news that Apple told us about at the last developer conference in June, WWDC, was about the launch of routers compatible with HomeKit that would allow the user to have greater control and above all a better connection between the devices of home. This conference talked about greater security, better implementation of options and connection improvements between devices, but it was not talked about what it would cost to configure them and now the company is doing it.

It seems that these routers compatible with HomeKit will be much safer in terms of possible unwanted access by third parties, but this would also complicate their initial configuration, something that is now really easy to do through a HomePod, an Apple TV or even a iPad Security seems to be a step above with HomeKit compatible routers but in the Apple support page, their configuration says that it will not be easy.

Several security levels for devices that include the safest level called “Restricted“, Another with security predetermined by the manufacturer in”Automatic“And finally we find the least certain option that comes to be”Without restrictions“. Ultimately improving the security of our home automation network is important and it is to think that in addition to turning off or on the lights, in some cases we are already using locks with HomeKit, porters or similar, so it is important to have that data safe, yes, it will be time to put the batteries in terms of configuration.

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