Round Apple Watch: a new concept imagines it this way

The round Apple Watch causes a sensation, concept after concept. Many users feel the need, others less so. Let’s discover a new hypothesis on Apple Watch Series 6.

Round Apple Watch

A new concept so he shows us an Apple Watch with circular dial with a renewed design and profoundly distant from the generations seen so far. Round or square? Here is the dilemma.

Of course, this is a hypothesis and not real indiscretions but all this allows us to fantasize about a totally different product in terms of form factor. The tastes are tastes so we cannot determine an absolutely winning design since there are users who prefer round displays and users who prefer square displays.

Among the other features hypothesized in the concept we find the Micro LED display, the sleep monitoring, a high-performance battery capable of lasting 48 hours and various colors for the case, including the version Product (RED) and that Hermes.

We leave you to the video concept that shows this much-rumored round Apple Watch:

That Apple Watch Series 6 do you come with this design? Hard to say given that Apple still does not seem to have thought about a re-design of its wearable, despite the passage of time and generations. What is a hypothesis for the future? Only time will tell. To collide with this concept there is the hypothesis of modular Apple Watch, equally interesting.

Do you like this kind of design? Would you ever buy a round Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments and let’s talk about it together!


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