restrictions when sharing our key

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, and as we can pay with our mobile, we can also open our car with our devices. This is the new functionality that appeared in a very subtle way in the first beta of iOS 13.4, and of which new details are already known when referring to this tamibén in the second beta of iOS 13.4.

Driving another person’s car without a key may be possible

This functionality that has been baptized as CarKey, will allow us in addition to having in the Wallet application the key of our car can also share it with others. This will allow us to give our contacts the possibility of accessing our cars, although obviously high confidence is required to perform this action. The way to share it will be extremely simple since it will be done via iMessage but there will be some other restriction. In the second beta of iOS 13.4, developers have found an updated wording of this sharing. It is clear that this authorization can only be sent through iMessage in individual conversations Specifically it says:

CarKey is not available in group conversations. You can send CarKey in conversations with an individual.


In addition, these virtual keys that we grant to someone can be both permanent as temporary. That is to say, it is not the same to leave the key of the car to our spouse than to the mechanic who will momentarily check our vehicle.

The message that will be sent through iMessage will contain all necessary explanatory data of how this electronic key system works. The following message is read in the code:

[Propietario del vehículo] invited him to use his [Modelo de vehículo] with access to unlock and drive. This allows you to use your ‌iPhone‌ and ‌Apple Watch‌ to unlock / lock the car, start the engine and drive.

Obviously CarKey will be accompanied by different security systems. For example, se must always authenticate the person through Face ID or Touch ID so you can be sure that the person who will use the electronic key is the one authorized by the driver. Although it seems a very futuristic function, there are already some brands that include a similar system like Tesla and it is possible that this will soon be very normal in those vehicles that are compatible with CarPlay.

We do not know when this functionality will be presented although it is not ruled out that in the coming weeks the final version of iOS 13.4 will be launched with this new integrated function.

And you, what do you think of this new functionality that will arrive in iOS 13.4? Would you end up using it?

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