Resetting an iPhone without Mac will be possible in iOS 13.4

Today if we want to restore our iPhone or iPad we must connect it to our PC or Mac Through a cable. Obviously we do not always have a cable on top of this, and this is why we have a problem with our equipment Sometimes it can be complicated to fix it. That is why Apple wants to solve this ‘problem’ with a new feature that would come soon called ‘OS Recovery’.

Formatting an iPhone will be independent of a computer

As reported 9to5mac, in the operating system the hidden option of ‘was foundRecovery of the operating system ’. According to the information that could be found, it would be a system to restore the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod No need to be connected to a computer. We believe that this is a function that should have come a long time ago to be able to have more independence from computers and not have to go looking for one in a desperate way to perform a software restoration.

OS Recovery

We are at a point where Apple wants to sell us the iPad as the computer that the most basic users need. But following this logic We still depend on a Mac or a PC to do something as simple as reinstalling the operating systemor in our team. Obviously here is something that does not add up, and that is why this decision will please those users who do not even have a computer on top.

And you may think we were wrong before. We have mentioned that an Apple Watch can be restored We have always said that it cannot be restored because it cannot be connected to a computer. This restriction will be completely terminated since this function will not require a physical connection to the computer and finally we can reset the software of our Apple Watch or HomePod easily.

When will this new feature arrive?

Although it has appeared in the code of the third beta of iOS 13.4, It is possible that this is a function that does not arrive in the final version of iOS 13.4. Unless Apple surprises us, it is possible that this important change is reserved for a hypothetical iOS 13.5, or even for iOS 14.

Anyway, we believe that this will be a very useful function that will save us many head problems when our iPhone starts to fail. In a very simple way we can reset the software as can be done in competitive teams.

And you, what do you think about this function? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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