Repairing an iPhone may take longer because of the coronavirus

Limited replacement iPhone units

There are certain components of the iPhone that Apple does not consider worthwhile to be repaired. Or at least it is not worth it to the user, since this is usually delivered another refurbished iPhone for being a faster solution, passing the spoiled to carry out the process of reconditioning for another future customer.

Regardless of whether or not the repair is free, for which the warranty intervenes in many cases, the company opts for this replacement decision in many cases. However, as they report from Bloomberg, currently there shortage of spare units. This is especially notable in more recent devices such as iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. This information comes from sources close to Apple stores.

iphone battery price

The wait time It can be considerably longer than usual, considering that supply limitations are around two and four weeks. It should be noted that both Foxconn and Pegatron, Apple’s main component manufacturers, are suffering delays in their internal processes due to the health alert established in China because of COVID-19.

Because these factories are the ones that provide the largest number of components worldwide, we understand that delays will affect most countries where Apple has stores or technical services. further would not affect only the iPhone but to other components such as iPad and Mac.

What to do if your device breaks down

If you have an Apple device that you think should be repaired, the process you must carry out is the same. Regardless of whether there is stock or not, sooner or later you will have to contact Apple, as it is the most convenient to obtain original parts. In fact it is possible that even in unauthorized suppliers there may be a problem due to the same causes.

Apple Store technical support

It is unknown when waiting times will be restored to receive spare parts, although we already know that Apple has moved token to make the consequences of the coronavirus have a minor impact on its operation. Therefore, it is possible that supplies will be restored in the coming weeks.

We must not forget that around the corner are the releases of some rumored devices such as the new iPhone 9 (SE 2), a possible 14-inch MacBook Pro and others already seen in iOS references such as an Apple TV and the AirTag . This indicates that the firm led by Tim Cook is making efforts to continue its activity despite the emergency that is practically experienced worldwide due to the expansion of COVID-19.

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