Removable battery for the iPhone? That is what the EU wants

iPhone X battery 2018

We do not leave one that we get into another. And now the proposal of the European Union to force all mobile device manufacturers add removable batteries to your smartphones It could be approved shortly.

The German medium Het Financieele Dagblad shows a possible proposal from the members of the European Union that could be similar to the proposal for the mandatory USB C implementation on all mobile devices, obviously including the Apple iPhone.

It can’t be true that this happens

It is possible that more than one of those present thinks that the removable battery in mobile devices brings a series of advantages over devices that do not allow its extraction, but really few advantages brings, rather it adds inconveniences. In this sense we have to say that Water resistance will be the first to lose these devices with removable battery, and on the other hand it is important to remember that offering the user the possibility of changing the battery is the less risky for the “low cost” and poor quality batteries that we can find in the market for devices that today allow this change of batteries

One thing must be clear, and nowadays most mobile devices have an integrated battery to avoid risks and going back on this can be at least somewhat complicated to manage. Logically, if the solution is well studied and it is possible to carry out this process without jeopardizing the useful life of the device and the user’s safety, then go ahead, but this seems complicated today. An iPhone with removable battery is strange to see, as with USB C but they are issues that escape from our hands and will see if they finally end up being approved or simply remain as proposals.

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