Removable batteries in iPhone will be an obligation in Europe

The EU will move mobile manufacturers to the past

Not so long ago mobile phones could easily remove the battery removing the back cover. This allowed us to be able to make battery changes in a really simple way since Anyone could buy a replacement and install it. This changed when manufacturers decided not to give users access to the battery by completely sealing the devices. This new European legislation could cause us to return ‘to the past’ if it thrives.

But if in the end this rule ends up prospering, not everything will be positive. Although users can replace the batteries in a really easy way if they are degraded we will also have some problems. Right now the iPhone es resistant against liquids and dust And this can be achieved thanks to the device being completely airtight. If the company is forced to remove the back cover, this permeability characteristic could be attempted. It is true that design engineers could end up implementing a system to prevent water from entering although we must weigh that the thickness of the equipment increases considerably.

When will this measure be applied?

So far this it’s an unconfirmed draft which has been filtered through Het Financieele Dagblad. If all goes well this measure will be public in mid-March and here we will see the statement of the different companies. There are already many affected here, not just Apple, so surely the pressures will be greater.

But this is a simple proposal that can remain in absolutely nothing. Short term Apple doesn’t have to worry at all although if this proposal comes to fruition in the European Parliament they will have some problems. Engineers should think about how to design new equipment to adapt to these regulations.

A priori users would benefit in part from this measure, since we will be able to make battery changes in a much more efficient and perhaps more economical way. We should not go through the technical service, although obviously We must continue to use reliable batteries.

And you, what do you think about this measure that could begin to be processed in the EU?

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