Received a “Find my mobile notification on your Samsung phone? You’re not alone.

Samsung appears to have erroneously sent out some “Find My Mobile” notifications to some devices, triggering concern from some users.

When a random and unexpected notification like this goes out to users, it suggests to them that someone has access to their account, computer or other device. Panic can ensue.

Given the number of notifications that went out (nearly every Samsung owner I know has asked me about it), should this have been Samsung’s “find my device” system being compromised, that would have been catastrophic.

Fortunately for all involved, it appears this was just a test!

There is no official statement from Samsung as to exactly what went wrong. Understandably, the Samsung social media was bombarded with people asking an obvious question – WTF? The most concise and helpful response was from Samsung Help UK

It’s not clear how limited the “limited number” is.

This is a good reminder that while everyone has a production environment, some companies are also lucky enough to have test environments and shouldn’t need to test things like this in production.

Finally, while we’re discussing account security, if you haven’t already secured your Samsung account click here to read our guide.

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