Qualcomm presents its new 5G modem for the iPhone 12?


Qualcomm has just announced its new 5G modem at an event that has taken place in San Diego. The American manufacturer, one of Huawei’s few rivals in the development of 5G technology, presents its new X60 modem that could be the one that will incorporate the next iPhone 12, which are expected to be the first Apple smartphones to have this new technology.

It is expected that after the summer Apple will present its entire range of iPhone 12, which could include up to four different models with a new, more square design. Rumors say that it would have as one of its main novelties the inclusion of 5G support in all of them, using a Qualcomm modem, predictably this new X60. According to the rumors, Apple will have to design its own antenna to adapt it to the iPhone design, but it will continue to depend on Qualcomm modems until it is able to develop its own, something he works on since the acquisition of the Intel modems section. That is why the judicial war that both companies undertook ended with an agreement between them, since they need each other.

This Qualcomm modem, as reported by the manufacturer, uses 5nm technology and supports download speeds of up to 7Gbps and 3Gbps upload. He has also stood out as the first modem to support not only the mmWave band but the entire sub-6Ghz spectrum, including the 4G band. Despite all these figures, the harsh reality will be that we will have to wait a few years for 5G technology to reach most of us., so we most likely cannot take advantage of this technology until long after buying our new iPhone. And, as much as companies insist on telling us otherwise, the 5G icon in the status bar of the iPhone will take time to be seen.

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