Problems turning off the iPhone: causes and possible solutions

Ways to turn off the iPhone by button

You may not be familiar with your iPhone yet if you have it recently or if you changed from an iPhone 8 or earlier. On older devices, it turns off only by pressing and holding the button, but from iPhone X onwards the process has changed. On these computers without a home button, to invoke Siri that button is used, so the shutdown changes and there are two ways to do it:

turn off iphone

  • Press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button and hold the right side button.
  • Press and hold the volume up and down buttons along with the right side button.

Once you have carried out one of these combinations, you will see the option to turn off the phone by sliding from left to right in the corresponding part of the screen. By doing this you can turn off the device. To turn it on again, this time it will be enough to press the side button.

Turn off the iPhone without using the button

For a few years, Apple incorporated an emergency method to turn off the iPhone. This is really designed to turn off the device at times like this, in which you can not find a way to turn off the device by button. To do this you must go to Settings> General and slide all the way down where it puts “To turn off”. Once you press this option, the option to turn off the device by sliding from left to right will appear on your screen.

Software issues

It is not normal for an iOS version to come with errors and even less that these are so serious as to prevent an iPhone from shutting down. When something like this happens, Apple usually reacts fast and releases a system update. Therefore, our first recommendation is to go to Settings> General> Software update and check if there is a newer version of iOS than the one you have installed in order to rule out this problem.

If you are testing an iOS beta, you could increase the chances that your problem to turn off the terminal derive from the software. These versions are still testing although they can be very advanced, which can generate some instability and some bugs in applications or system management. Therefore the failure presented by your device may be due to it, so you must uninstall the iOS beta and return to the latest official version.

IPhone power off button does not work

Surely the first thing you have thought when you have seen that your iPhone does not turn off is that the Button is broken. They are generally not sensitive parts that can easily deteriorate with use, but an accidental bump or manufacturing defect may cause it to not work properly. If the button works for you when it comes to locking or unlocking the device, this problem is ruled out, but if you also have problems with this it is almost certain that the button is failing.

i can't turn off iphone

You will have no choice but to take the iPhone to repair. You can do it in an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service, although there is also the possibility that they pick up the equipment at your home and take it to the technical service, although in this case there is a shipping cost. Once the technicians have your mobile they will do the pertinent tests to verify the exact fault and you will be given a solution.

We don’t know what the repair price that this fault can have, since in many occasions loose parts are not repaired and it is possible that they give you a reconditioned iPhone, which will vary its price depending on the model. Less frequent, but also likely, is the fact that the device is under warranty and the failure is due to a factory problem, in which case the repair would be free.

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